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Waterway Plow

The Waterway plow was developed for anyone who only installs fabric checks. It is a rigid frame plow and does not pivot. It comes standard with a fabric curtain. It does not come with a coulter. The fabric checks are installed across newly shaped waterways in farm fields or anywhere a small ditch is starting. The fabric checks are non woven material or silt fence material that is plowed across the waterway or ditch. It is usually installed 50',75, to 100' apart depending on the degree of slope. If the waterway is designed by the NRCS they will spec how far apart. The fabric checks are not staked up. They lay down on the ground. When the water flows down the waterway the fabric checks will slow the water down and spread it out so it is not concentrated in the center. This helps the water from cutting a ditch in the waterway.

Waterway Plow In Action

waterway working



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