The Silt Fence Plow offers the most models of silt fence installers on the market today. Rugged built machines include silt fence slicing machines, straw mat unrollers, straw crimpers and custom made machines for erosion control.

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"We purchased our first Silt Fence Plow in May of 2003 when we broke down with our previous silt fence installation machine. Since then we have added three more machines for a total of four. The durability of The Silt Fence Plow allows us to keep our crews running installing silt fence without costly down time."

"We send out three crews daily to install silt fence. The Silt Fence Plow provides the durability and user friendliness we require. With the rear pivot design we can install silt fence into areas we previously had trouble in. The Silt Fence Plow has greatly increased our productivity over our previous silt fence installation machine."